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Weapons are essential items used for combat against enemies, bosses, and even other players during PvP games. They typically deal more damage than their tool counterparts. Some weapons can be crafted at a Work Bench or a Pre-Hardmode/Hardmode Anvil, while others can only be found in Chests, as enemy drops, or purchased from NPCs.

Melee weapons[]

Pre-Hardmode Swords[]

Frost Blade.png Frost Blade Blade of Glory.png Blade of Glory Scydian.png Scydian
Sunrise.png Sunrise Flarance.png Flarance Mariana.png Mariana
Sharkfin.png Sharkfin

Hardmode Swords[]

Aurora.png Aurora Borealis.png Borealis Brass Claymore.png Brass Claymore
Bysmal Blade.png Bysmal Blade Train Scythe.png Train Scythe True Sunrise.png True Sunrise
Blade of The Holy Light.png Blade of The Holy Light

Pre-Hardmode Spears[]

Hardmode Spears[]

Steamwork Shanker.png Steamwork Shanker

Pre-Hardmode Yoyos[]

Frigid Yoyo.png Frigid Yoyo Obsidium Yoyo.png Obsidium Yoyo AnDio-Yo.png AnDio-Yo

Hardmode Yoyos[]

Geariken.png Geariken

Hardmode Boomerangs[]

Enginator.png Enginator

Ranged weapons[]

Pre-Hardmode Bows[]

Obsidium Greatbow.png Obsidium Greatbow

Hardmode Bows[]

Bow of The Star Hunter.png Bow of The Star Hunter Steamstring.png Steamstring

Pre-Hardmode Guns[]

Dune Sharkgun.png Dune Sharkgun Frost Cannon.png Frost Cannon Geodizer.png Geodizer
S.M.G..png S.M.G.

Hardmode Guns[]

Avalanche.png Avalanche Blizzard.png Blizzard Bysmal Blaster.png Bysmal Blaster
Clockwork Shotgun.png Clockwork Shotgun Frost Thrower.png Frost Thrower

Magic weapons[]

Pre-Hardmode Wands[]

Ancient Staff.png Ancient Staff Staff of Honor.png Staff of Honor

Hardmode Wands[]

Blitzfrieg.png Blitzfrieg Staff of Steamworks.png Staff of Steamworks Staff of the Enlightened Warlock.png Staff of the Enlightened Warlock

Pre-Hardmode Spell Tomes[]

Sandstorm in a Book.png Sandstorm in a Book Volcite.png Volcite

Hardmode Spell Tomes[]

Electrospark.png Electrospark Book of Knowledge.png Book of Knowledge Stationator.png Stationator

Summon weapons[]

Pre-Hardmode Summon Weapons[]

Shroolipad.png Shroolipad Sand Shard Staff.png Sand Shard Staff Magmatica Staff.png Magmatica Staff
The Messenger.png The Messenger

Hardmode Summon Weapons[]

Antenna.png Antenna Arctic Hydra Staff.png Arctic Hydra Staff Bysmal Soulmaster.png Bysmal Soulmaster
Call of the Ultimate Leader.png Call of the Ultimate Leader

Thrown weapons[]

Pre-Hardmode Throwing Weapons[]

Snowflake.png Snowflake Obshardian.png Obshardian Andeshiard.png Andeshiard
AnDiuriken.png AnDiuriken Daggoritus.png Daggoritus Forbidden Axe.png Forbidden Axe

Hardmode Throwing Weapons[]

Antarctica.png Antarctica Bysmal Ripper.png Bysmal Ripper Chakram of the Vicious Assassin.png Chakram of the Vicious Assassin
Coginator.png Coginator Eruptor.png Eruptor Jet Dagger.png Jet Dagger

Mystic weapons[]

Pre-Hardmode Mystic Weapons[]

Chlorys's Blade.png Chlorys's Blade Freya's Fley.png Freya's Fley Hermes' Flight.png Hermes' Flight
Gaia's World.png Gaia's World Frigg's Phalanx.png Frigg's Phalanx Hades' Judgement.png Hades' Judgement
Yuletide.png Yuletide

Hardmode Mystic Weapons[]

Cupid's Bow.png Cupid's Bow Loki's Staff.png Loki's Staff Vulcan's Wrath.png Vulcan's Wrath
Pluto's Frost.png Pluto's Frost Mars' Fury.png Mars' Fury Dionysus' Bloom.png Dionysus' Bloom
Gladius of The Great Moldyrian.png Gladius of The Great Moldyrian Hallow's Eve (weapon).png Hallow's Eve (weapon) Saturn's Rings.png Saturn's Rings
Orion's Gate.png Orion's Gate Zeus' Bolt.png Zeus' Bolt