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Time Stop is a new mechanic added by Enigma Mod. It freezes all mobs, players, and projectiles.

AnDio armor, the Sands of Time accessory, and the Soul Stone set to the Utility Focus Stone after killing Andio provides immunity to the True Curse debuff.

Time Stop[]


The Hands of Time.png The Hands of Time Clockface.png Clockface The World of Etheria.png The World of Etheria Sands of Time.png Sands of Time Time Winder.png Time Winder Father Time.png Father Time


AnDio armor.png AnDio armor


The World.png The World


AnDio.png AnDio


Out of Time.png Out of Time True Curse.png True Curse


  • Due to desync issues, it is advised not to be used in a multiplayer playthrough. It can cause desyncs such as:
    • the world not properly reloading terrain
    • displacement of characters
    • bosses, like The Wall of Flesh, suddenly skipping forward after time resumes


  • 0.12.4: Default 'Out of Time' cooldown is now 65 seconds.
    • Father Time, Clockface, and AnDio armor now reduce the cooldown by 10 seconds instead of less than 3
    • Fixed Time Stop in Multiplayer!
  • Fixed some bugs with True Curse in multiplayer(hopefully)
  • Fixed Time Stop bugs
  • Refactored The World timestop
  • Fixed Time Stop being permanent in the Etherial