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The Annihilator
The Annihilator.png
Type Boss
Environment Surface Night
AI Type The Annihilator AI
Damage 100 / 140
Max Life 60000 / 80000
Defense 32
KB Resist 0%
Item (Quantity) Rate
Steam Bar.png Steam Bar
• 15-30/20-35
Greater Healing Potion.png Greater Healing Potion
• 5-15
Treasure Bag (The Annihilator).png Treasure Bag (The Annihilator)
Expert mode
Soul of Thought.png Soul of Thought
• 20-40/25-40

The Annihilator Map Icon.png
Map Icon

The Annihilator is a Hardmode Boss and is part of the Steam Trio bosses.


The Annihilator, like most other bosses, does not spawn on its own and requires the player to summon it with the Steam-O-Vision.


The Annihilator behaves similarly to Brain of Cthulhu, but the differences are that it doesn't teleport around. It spawns many new minions as the health decreases of milestone and becomes more aggressive.

Phase 1[]

  • It spawns Mechanical Spiknator when hitting the boss, that behaves similarly to Spike Balls. It also spawns Mechanical Charger in which it follows you around, like Demon Eyes.
  • Unlike the Brain of Cthulhu, The Annihilator does not spawn with minions. Instead, it spawns many types of minions to attack the player the lower its health gets.
  • Upon reaching 65% health, it enters its second phase, spawning more minions at each health milestone.

Phase 2[]

  • At each health is decreasing, the mirrors become more visible.
  • Sometimes dashes at the player.
  • Enemies spawned by The Annihilator will become mirrored when the health starts to go down:
    • After reaching 2nd phase, it will then summon Mechanical Copter, which will rapidly fire bullets like other guns.
    • Upon reaching half health, it will spawn Mechanical Mimic that acts as a biome mimic.
    • Upon reaching 45% health, it will spawn Mechanical Creepers, which follows the player itself.

In Expert Mode[]

  • The Annihilator and all minions will now inflict Steamy debuff in 4 seconds.
  • Following the 2nd phase, the boss will now inflict Electrified debuff in 2 seconds.
  • Spawns more minions as the health decreases.


Image Name Condition
Mechanical Spiknator.png Mechanical Spiknator Always
Mechanical Charger.png Mechanical Charger Always
Mechanical Copter.png Mechanical Copter During Phase 2
Mechanical Mimic.png Mechanical Mimic Below 50% health
Mechanical Creeper.png Mechanical Creeper Below 45% health


  • Like Brain of Cthulhu, the only way to know which one is real or fake is to move slowly towards one of the illusions. If the illusions spread out, then the brain is at the other side. However, if the illusions close in that the player is getting nearer to the brain making it easier to tell.
  • Daedalus Stormbow is an excellent option to fight, as the arrows fire down towards the sky and easier to dodge the projectiles.


  • The boss is getting reworked in the 1.0 update.