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The Annihilation
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The Annihilation inventory icon
Type Accessory
Tooltip Killing an enemy while in the Etherial boosts your damage by 20% for 10 seconds. Killing another enemy in this time resets the timer and stacks the bonus.
Grants buff Annihilation.png Annihilation
Buff tooltip You are infused with the rage of an Annihilator.
Rarity Rarity Level: Rainbow
Sell 20 Copper Coin

The Annihilation is an Expert Mode-exclusive accessory dropped from The Annihilator when defeated in the Etherial Dimension. While in the Etherial, killing an enemy grants the player the Annihilation buff for 10 seconds, which increases all damage types by 20%. If the player kills another enemy before the buff wears off, the buff is reapplied and the boost is increased by another 20%. The boost cannot exceed 100%.


  • 0.12.5: Revamped Cog of Etheria into The Annihilation
Equipable Items: Obsidium Longcoat.png Armor • Steamspark Jetboots.png Accessories ( Mystic Emblem.png Combat)