Enigma Mod Wiki
Type Boss
Environment Surface
AI Type Slybertron AI
Damage 100 / 140
Max Life 60000 / 80000
Defense 32
KB Resist 100%
Item (Quantity) Rate
Steam Bar.png Steam Bar
• 20-30/20-40
Soul of Fraught.png Soul of Fraught
• 20-30/20-40
Greater Healing Potion.png Greater Healing Potion
• 5-15
Treasure Bag (Slybertron).png Treasure Bag (Slybertron)
Expert mode
Pipeworks.png Pipeworks
Expert mode

Slybertron Map Icon.png
Map Icon

Slybertron is a Hardmode Boss and is part of Steam Trio bosses. It can be considered the steampunk version of King Slime.


Slybertron, like most other bosses, does not spawn on its own and requires the player to summon it with the Steam Crown.


Slybertron behaves similarly to King Slime. It bounces around following the player while shooting steam projectiles at the player. As the fight progresses, Slybertron will release enemies that follow the player around for a certain amount of time.


Phase 1[]

  • All projectiles inflict the Steamy debuff.
  • The Slybertron fires three steams in 3 times each.
  • It fires multiple Electroshock, in which it duplicates itself and disappear over time.
  • It shoots one Coginator that spins by itself and will attack you.
  • It shoots Gearikans from tossing them to the ground similar to Spiky Balls.
  • Upon reaching 75% health, the Slybertron will do 2nd phase that has new attacks.

Phase 2[]

  • It shoots two steams that can detect players that can deal contact damage to them.
    • It also shoots steams that can also shoot steams on the air that can fire down Gas Balls.
  • It shoots out another Electroshock, in which it multiplies itself and disappear afterward.
  • The Slybertron can shoot more Coginators up to 4 projectiles.
  • Upon reaching 25% health, it will enter the 3rd phase, in which makes the boss increasing its health by 45% and goes stronger.

Phase 3[]

  • All projectiles that spawn more often.

Expert Mode:


  • 0.13.0: Added the Etherial Dimension version of Slybertron.
  • 0.10.0:
    • Slybertron will now fall through platforms.
    • Slybertron will jump at the player from a much shorter distance now.
  • 0.4.3: Fixed Slybertron attacking faster the more the player fought him.
  • 0.4.0: Introduced.