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Obsidium Skull
Obsidium Skull.png
Type Enemy
Environment Obsidium
AI Type Cursed Skull AI
Damage ??
Max Life ??
KB Resist ??%
Inflicts debuff
On Fire!.png On Fire!
?? chance
Debuff tooltip Slowly losing life
Item (Quantity) Rate
Obsidium Ore.png Obsidium Ore
• ??
Internal NPC ID: ???
Internal Buff ID: 24

The Obsidium Skull is an enemy that spawns in the Obsidium Biome in the form of a heart directly under spawn but above Hell. The Obsidium Skull may inflict the On Fire! debuff on the player and upon its death, drops a few Obsidium Ore.


  • 0.12.4: Obsidium Driller and Obsidium Skull no longer drop Obsidium Ore unless EoW/BoC has been defeated
  • 0.12: Reduced the spawn rate of Obsidium Skulls