Enigma Mod Wiki
Obsidium Driller
Type Enemy
Environment Obsidium
AI Type Obsidium Driller AI
Inflicts debuff
On Fire!.png On Fire!
33% / 100% chance
Debuff duration 1 second
Debuff tooltip Slowly losing life
Item (Quantity) Rate
Obsidian.png Obsidian
• 1-3

The Obsidium Driller is a Pre-Hardmode enemy found in the Obsidium Biome. It can only move horizontally or vertically, it rapidly heads towards the player to attack. Upon hitting the player, the Obsidium Driller has a chance to inflict the On Fire! debuff for 1 second.

The Obsidium Driller will no longer spawn due to an intended temporary removal, but is planned to be re-added later.


  • 0.12.4: Obsidium Driller and Obsidium Skull no longer drop Obsidium Ore unless EoW/BoC has been defeated
  • 0.11.6: Introduced.