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Obsidium Chunk
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Obsidium Chunk inventory icon
Type Grab bag
Tooltip Pulsing with heat. Right click to open.
Rarity Rarity Level: 3

The Obsidium Chunk is a new grab-bag style item. They are dropped from Obsidium Elementals and Obsidium Skulls in the Obsidium. Upon opening the Obsidium Chunk, it will give you Obsidium Ore and (more rarely) Obsidium Bars.


  • 0.12.4: Obsidium Chunks can now have the first 2 tiers of Hardmode Ores and Bars in them once the WoF is defeated
Obsidium Ore.png Ore • Obsidium Bar.png Bar • Obsidium Pickaxe.png Pickaxe

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Obsidium Longcoat.png Armor • Molten Mess.png Molten Mess