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Obsidium Bar
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Obsidium Bar inventory icon
Type Crafting material
Rarity Rarity Level: 0
Sell 1 Copper Coin.png

Obsidium Bars are crafted with 3 Obsidium Ore at a Hellforge. 175 Obsidium Bars are required to make every recipe that uses Obsidium Bars (only one headpiece) which translates to 525 Obsidium Ore. Add 40 Obsidium Bars (120 Obsidium Ore) for all the headpieces.



Crafting Station
Hellforge.png Hellforge
Ingredient(s) Amount
Obsidium Ore.png Obsidium Ore 3
Obsidium Bar.png Obsidium Bar 1

Used in[]

Result IngredientsCrafting Station
Scydian.png Obsidium Bar.pngObsidium Bar (20) Iron Anvil.png Iron Anvil /
Lead Anvil.png Lead Anvil
Obsidium Yoyo.png Obsidium Bar.pngObsidium Bar (10)
Magma Shard.pngMagma Shard
Obshardian (75) 
Obsidium Bar.pngObsidium Bar (2)
Obsidium Greatbow.png Obsidium Bar.pngObsidium Bar (16)
Volcite.png Obsidium Bar.pngObsidium Bar (16)
Magmatica Staff.png Obsidium Bar.pngObsidium Bar (20)
Hades' Judgement.png Obsidium Bar.png Hellstone Bar.pngObsidium Bar or Hellstone Bar (16)
Magma Shard.pngMagma Shard (2)
Fallen Star.pngFallen Star (4)
Obsidium Hat.png Obsidium Bar.pngObsidium Bar (10)
Obsidian.pngObsidian (10)
Obsidium Headgear.png Obsidium Bar.pngObsidium Bar (10)
Obsidian.pngObsidian (10)
Obsidium Band.png Obsidium Bar.pngObsidium Bar (10)
Obsidian.pngObsidian (10)
Obsidium Helmet.png Obsidium Bar.pngObsidium Bar (10)
Obsidian.pngObsidian (10)
Obsidium Mask.png Obsidium Bar.pngObsidium Bar (10)
Obsidian.pngObsidian (10)
Obsidium Longcoat.png Obsidium Bar.pngObsidium Bar (20)
Obsidian.pngObsidian (10)
Magma Shard.pngMagma Shard
Obsidium Pants.png Obsidium Bar.pngObsidium Bar (15)
Obsidian.pngObsidian (10)
Obsidium Pickaxe.png Obsidium Bar.pngObsidium Bar (14)
Magma Shard.pngMagma Shard
Obsidian.pngObsidian (10)
Molten Mess.png Stone Block.pngStone Block (25) Demon Altar.png Demon Altar /
Crimson Altar.png Crimson Altar
Lava Bucket.pngLava Bucket (2)
Obsidium Bar.pngObsidium Bar (4)
Crystaline Infuser.png Demonite Bar.png Crimtane Bar.pngDemonite Bar or Crimtane Bar (20) Laugical Workbench.png Laugical Workbench
Shadow Scale.png Tissue Sample.pngShadow Scale or Tissue Sample (8)
Bottle.pngBottle (8)
Obsidium Bar.pngObsidium Bar (4)
Hotline Fishing Hook.png Obsidium Bar.pngObsidium Bar (8) Hellforge.png Hellforge


  • Crafting all Obsidium equipment requires 133 Obsidium Bars, or a total of 399 Obsidium Ore.
Obsidium Ore.png Ore • Obsidium Bar.png Bar • Obsidium Pickaxe.png Pickaxe

Scydian.png Scydian • Obsidium Yoyo.png Yoyo • Obsidium Greatbow.png Greatbow • Volcite.png Volcite • Magmatica Staff.png Magmatica Staff • Obshardian.png Obshardian • Hades' Judgement.png Hades' Judgement

Obsidium Longcoat.png Armor • Molten Mess.png Molten Mess
Consumables: Burst Potion.png Potions ( Jump Boost Potion.png Buff Potions ) • Obshardian.png Thrown Weapons • Brass Arrow.png Ammunition • Null Shard.png Materials ( Ancient Shard.png Drops) • Obsidium Ore.png Ores and Obsidium Bar.png Bars ) • Chilled Mesh.png Other