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Map view of the Obsidium

Not to be confused with the vanilla terraria tile, obsidian.

The Obsidium is an underground biome found at the middle of the cavern layer, directly under the spawn point where it extends all the way to the Underworld. The player can enter the Obsidium by digging straight down from his or her spawn point. It is composed of several large masses of Obsidium Rock half-buried in the Lycoris and Radiata, with deposits of Obsidium Ore interspersed within it and Hellstone Ore that only spawns from outside of the middle heart-shape one. New structures with Obsidium Chests can be found within near the lava; they contain their own assortment of unique loot.

The Obsidium is a new biome which is added by the Enigma Mod. It is always towards the bottom of the cavern layer, directly under the player's spawn point where it extends all the way to the Underworld. The player can easily reach the Obsidium by digging a hellevator straight down from their original spawn point. The biome's shape is of a heart with a little triangle at the bottom, the part which leads to the underworld. The Obisidium has many unique enemies, a unique boss as well as unique loot and tiles. The Obsidium is mainly comprised of obsidium rock and obsidian as well as abundant amounts of Obsidium Ore.


Characters Unique Treasures Unique Drops
Obsidium Driller.png Obsidium Driller
Obsidium Skull.png Obsidium Skull

After Ragnar has been defeated

Magma Caster.png Magma Caster
Magmatipede.png Magmatipede

In Hardmode

Molten Soul.png Molten Soul
Lava Titan.png Lava Titan
Moltioch.png Moltioch


Ragnar.png Ragnar

From Obsidium Chests:

Magma Heart.png Magma Heart
Crystallized Magma.png Crystallized Magma
Eruption.png Eruption
Fire Dust.png Fire Dust
Obsidium Lily.png Obsidium Lily
Obsidium Heart.png Obsidium Heart
Obsidium Bar.png Obsidium Bar
Lava Gem.png Lava Gem
Rubrum Dust.png Rubrum Dust
Verdi Dust.png Verdi Dust
Arcane Shard.png Arcane Shard
From Obsidium Elemental, and Obsidium Skulls:
Obsidium Ore.png Obsidium Ore
Obsidian.png Obsidian

From Obsidium Elemental, Obsidium Skull, Magma Caster and Magmatipedes:

Obsidium Chunk.png Obsidium Chunk

From Molten Soul, and Moltioches:

Magmatic Crystal.png Magmatic Crystal

From Lava Titans:

Magmatic Cluster.png Magmatic Cluster

From terrain:

Obsidium Brick.png Obsidium Brick
Obsidium Chest.png Obsidium Chest
Obsidium Rock.png Obsidium Rock
Lycoris.png Lycoris
Radiata.png Radiata
Obsidium Ore.png Obsidium Ore
Hellstone.png Hellstone
Obsidium Core.png Obsidium Core
Lavafall Wall.png Lavafall Wall


  • Using Steam Cloud to save a modded world will usually lead to all modded tiles being deleted from that world, so it is recommended to have it disabled.



  • 0.12.3: Spawn rate of all normal Obsidium monsters decreased
    • Reduced the amount of Obsidium tiles needed to register as a biome from 250 to 150
  • 0.12: Some Obsidium enemies can spawn no matter how deep you are
    • Obsidium Brick no longer counts towards the obsidium biome
    • Increased the amount Radiata and Lycoris veins
    • Minecart Tracks can now go through the Obsidium
    • Replaced Hellstone Ore in the Obsidium Heart with Radiata
  • 0.11.8: Worldgen changes
    • Obsidium Brick, Lycoris, and Radiata now count towards the Obsidium biome
    • Obsidian no longer generates in the Obsidium biome
    • Obsidium Heart now spawns on WorldGen, but Obsidium Cores will only grow Obsidium Heart Crystals after Ragnar has been defeated
    • Obsidium Worldgen is now completed!
  • Added more Structures to the Obsidium.
    • Added walls for Obsidium Rock and Obsidium Brick
    • Added Obsidium Plants
  • 0.11.6: Enemy changes:
    • Enemies drop Souls of Haught in the Obsidium biome too now.
    • Removed Fire Imps from the Obsidium.
  • 0.11.8: Revamped the Obsidium biome:
    • Now located on the bottom of spawn point instead of near the Jungle side of the ocean.
    • Added many new structures which can contain unique loot.
  • 0.11.4:
    • Added Lava Gems and Obsidium Rock to Obsidium.
    • Added the Magma Snapper- a new Fish from fishing in lava or water in the Obsidium biome after Ragnar has been defeated
    • Added Lava Gems to Obsidium Chunks
    • Obsidium now scales with world size
    • Obsidium now spawns on the side opposite the dungeon
  • 0.8: Added some unique enemies and revamped the terrain.