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Not to be confused with the item that summons the Etherial Eye of Cthulu, the Etherial Eye; nor the item that summons the Etherial The Twins, the Etherial Eyes.

Eye of Etheria
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Eye of Etheria inventory icon
Type Accessory
Tooltip Allows you to see all creatures, no matter which dimension you are in.
Rarity Rarity Level: 6
Sell 20 Copper Coin

Eye of Etheria is a Hardmode accessory dropped from Eye of Cthulhu when defeated in the Etherial Dimension. It allows the player to see non-Etherial NPCs when in the Etherial, and Etherial NPCs when in the Overworld, when equipped. NPCs revealed in this way cannot be damaged by the player, but can be interacted with by right-clicking. This allows the player to talk to and shop from town NPCs even when in the Etherial.

Equipable Items: Obsidium Longcoat.png Armor • Steamspark Jetboots.png Accessories ( Mystic Emblem.png Combat)