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The Etherial Dimension is a unique dimension that covers the world in a blue tint, spawns unique Etherial enemies, and spreads new ore into the land. The player is forced into the dimension when they defeat Etheria for the first time and cannot escape the dimension until Etheria is defeated once again.

The player will gain access to Etherial versions of all boss spawners, which will spawn much harder versions of the bosses, but guarantee a mystical item upon defeat.

Alternatively, the player may also escape the dimension by using The High Priestess.

Etherified Bosses[]

This is a list of all etherified bosses that serves to be a much harder version than the rest of the original bosses. The names of vanilla bosses are italicized.


  • King Slime: HP increased to 70,000. Replaced the original AI to etherial king slime AI. Spawns Super Slimes when hit.
  • Eye of Cthulhu: HP increased to 70,000. Breathes Etherial Frost in Phase 2. Spawns Super Servants when hit.
  • Dune Sharkron: HP increased to 60,000. Summons a Sand Elemental at 50% health.
  • Eater of Worlds: HP increased to 10,000 on each segment. Inflicts the Shadowflame debuff on hit. Periodically spawns Super Corruptors on 1/2 health. Regenerates each segment while not being hit.
  • Brain of Cthulhu: HP increased to 60,000. Periodically spawns Super Ichor Splitters. The Brain will inflict the Obstructed debuff on hit.
  • Hypothema: HP increased to 60,000. Hypothema inflicts the Frostbite debuff upon contact with the player. Summons Ice Golems at 50% health occasionally when hit. Can freeze the player once she reaches 25% health.
  • Queen Bee: HP increased to 80,000. Spawns Super Hornets and Super Bees while shooting stingers. Inflicts the Frostbite debuff on hit.
  • Ragnar: Total HP increased to 100,000. Spawns four Ragnar Hands when summoned, which rotate around the player and fall down. Ocasionally summons Lava Titans at 50% health when hit.
  • Skeletron: Head HP increased to 80,000. Hand HP increased to 18,000. Spawns Dungeon Guardian while at 37,497 health, which teleports randomly before it can make his head spin.
  • AnDio: Andesia and Dioritus both spawn together when summoned, and they freeze time more often when they're AnDio.
  • Wall of Flesh: It has a speed boost when spawned.


  • The Twins: Total HP for each eye increased to 150,000. Along with the twins, an additional boss, the Terratome, spawns. Terratome has 3 main patters: it will follow the player constantly moving, it will follow the player in a series of dashes, and it hovers over the player. Ocasionally, the twins can teleport upon taking damage.
  • The Destroyer: Total HP inreased to 500,000. The destroyer can shoot lasers from it's head directly in front it it, not aimed towards the player.
  • Skeletron Prime: Total HP increased to 125,000. Spawns a mechanical dungeon guardian, which occasionally shoots 8 projectiles which home in on the player.
  • The Annihilator: Total HP increased to 225,000. The boss is faster, and will stay on the player more often. Will spawn super mechanical minions over time.
  • Slybertron: Rains steam, cog, and spark slimes from the sky.
  • Steam Train: Has another phase. In this phase, the player's wings are clipped.
  • Plantera: Shoots spore clouds
  • Golem: spawns super fists.
  • Etheria: Info in her page
  • Duke Fishron: Invincible unless the player is wet. Spawns super sharks
  • Moon Lord: Also spawns another version of a true eye of cthulhu when one of the eyes are defeated.


  • No matter which dimension the player is in, Bysmal will impede your efforts in building. Switch over using The High Priestess to quickly remove the obstacle.
  • While in the dimension, every Town NPCs and Enemies will become invisible and cannot take damage so leaving the dimension will prevent them to take damage again.
    • This also let players see their NPCs' names even though they're invisible.
    • The only possible way to select NPCs are by using Smart Cursor.
  • The etherial is why the mod requires webmilo's common library.


  • 0.12.6: Etherified Skeletron, Ragnar, Queen Bee
  • 0.12.4: Fixed issue where Etherial boss summons didn't work in multiplayer
    • Target Dummies now work in the Etherial
  • 0.12.3: Boulders are now Etherable
    • Added Etherial EoW
    • Revamped Etherial Scarf and Etherial Brain (Now call Fragmented Brain)
    • Added Etherial BoC
    • Fixed Town NPCs falling through the ground and dying when the player dies in the etherial
    • Crimsand, Ebonsand, and Pearlsand are now Etherable
    • The Etherial Destroyer now drops the Etherial Destruction Core.
  • 0.12.1: Lava Titan, Sand Elemental, and Ice Golem are now Etheriable
    • You can no longer talk to NPCs while in the Etherial
    • Added Etherial King Slime
    • Added Etherial EoC
    • Added Etherial Dune Sharkron
    • Etherial Shader has been optimized
  • 0.12: Nerfed the Etherial
  • Enemies in the Etherial now properly don't take damage
  • 0.11.7: Etherial Moonlord no longer can drain you for hundreds of damage without you being able to do anything.
    • Sand, Silt, and Slush are now Etherial Friendly.
    • Enemies now spawn in the Etherial.
  • Potentially fixed the Etherial background flickering
  • 0.11.4: Added Bysmal ore- An Etherial ore that can only be mined and seen while in the Etherial.
  • AnDio is now properly fightable in the Etherial and no longer despawns.
  • 0.11.2: Changes regarding bosses.
    • Adjusted Etherial versions of bosses to make fights more intense but less tedious.
      • Health is increased by much less.
      • Damage increased by slightly more.
    • Nerfed the Etherial version of the Etheria boss.
  • 0.11: Fixed bug where friendly NPCs (including target dummies) were unable to be damaged after leaving the Etherial.
  • 0.10: Introduced.