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Enigma Mod is a mod for Terraria that aims to add content that both feels like it belongs in the game, but also drastically changes it! Through a new class, new level-up system, new biome, new ways to use potions, and more, Enigma brings content that feels fresh and keeps the game interesting. Oh, and there's lots of Steampunk too!
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Soul Stone.png Credits
  • Laugic for the design, most of the coding, and some of the sprites and soundtracks.
  • MoonlitWyvern for the dedication and many amazing sprites.
  • Webmilio for the refactoring help, coding advice, and help with bug fixing.
  • Turquoise for the fantastic soundtracks.
  • Koopahunter, Herpy, Arthur the really nice guy, Zurg_Hal, & Alena for the great sprites help across the board.
  • Dradonhunter and DivermanSam for help with coding, visuals, and polish.
  • RacerDeluxe for the coding assistance with the Soul Stone and the github.
  • bluemagic123, jopojelly, Fabsol & Dan Yami for coding help.

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