Enigma Mod Wiki

Pre-Hardmode Enemies[]

Magma Caster.png Magma Caster Magmatipede.png Magmatipede ObsidiumDriller.png Obsidium Driller
Obsidium Skull.png Obsidium Skull

Hardmode Enemies[]

Etherial Spirit.png Etherial Spirit Lava Titan.png Lava Titan Molten Soul.png Molten Soul
Moltioch.png Moltioch Titan Blast.png Titan Blast


Andesia & Dioritus.png Andesia & Dioritus Dune Sharkron.png Dune Sharkron Etheria.png Etheria
Hypothema.png Hypothema Ragnar.png Ragnar Slybertron.png Slybertron
Steam Train.png Steam Train The Annihilator.png The Annihilator

Boss Servants[]

??? (1) ??? (2) ??? (3)
Etherial Pulse.png Etherial Pulse Etherial Shadow.png Etherial Shadow Etherial Tear.png Etherial Tear
Gear Slime.png Gear Slime Laser Ball (1).png Laser Ball (1) Laser Ball (2).png Laser Ball (2)
Mechanical Charger.png Mechanical Charger Mechanical Copter.png Mechanical Copter Mechanical Creeper.png Mechanical Creeper
Mechanical Dungeon Guardian.png Mechanical Dungeon Guardian Mechanical Mimic.png Mechanical Mimic Mechanical Spikinator.png Mechanical Spikinator
Pipe Slime.png Pipe Slime Ragnar Hand.png Ragnar Hand Spark Slime.png Spark Slime
Super Bee.png Super Bee Super Corruptor.png Super Corruptor Super Golem Fist.png Super Golem Fist
Super Hornet.png Super Hornet Super Hungry.png Super Hungry Super Ichor Spitter.png Super Ichor Spitter
File:Super Leech.png Super Leech Super Mechanical Copter.png Super Mechanical Copter Super Mechanical Mimic.png Super Mechanical Mimic
Super Servant.png Super Servant Super Shark.png Super Shark Super Slime.png Super Slime
Terratome.png Terratome True Etherial Pulse.png True Etherial Pulse True Etherial Tear.png True Etherial Tear
True Eye of Cthulhu (Etherial).png True Eye of Cthulhu


File:Agamonda.png Agamonda Fluvium.png Fluvium


Mechanical Crawler.png Mechanical Crawler Obsidium Elemental.png Obsidium Elemental Obsidium Golem.png Obsidium Golem
Obsidium Shark.png Obsidium Shark The Great Shadow.png The Great Shadow


  • The three ??? are invisible entities that have no sprite, and they are summoned by bosses.
    • ??? (1) Etheria when killed in the main world, aka is an Etherial Spawn
    • ??? (2) inflicts True Curse, and is summoned by Andio
    • ??? (3) freezes the player.