Enigma Mod Wiki

Debuffs are status effects that often give a harmful effect.


Icon Name Source Effect Tooltip Duration
Fragmented Soul.png Fragmented Soul Etherial Scarf Prevents the passive ability of Etherial Scarf to activate Your Etherial Scarf has to regenerate before it can save you again. 60 seconds
Blind Justice.png Blind Justice Serves as cooldown for the activation of Justice's ability Prevents the passive ability of Justice to activate Justice has gone blind for a while. 90 seconds
Frostbite.png Frostbite Multiple (Player) -16 health per second

(Enemy) -160 health per 2 seconds

12 seconds
? seconds
File:Unstable Mysticism.png Unstable Mysticism Andio Armor set bonus (Chestplate) Mystic power reduced by 1 ??? ??? seconds
True Curse.png True Curse During Time Stop Player/Enemy is unable to move You truly can do nothing While time is stopped
Out of Time.png Out of Time After using a Time Stop ability Unable to Time Stop while active You cannot use Time Stop for a while 30 seconds
File:Bubbly.png Bubbly ? ? Bubbles!
File:Frigid.png Frigid ? ? 'Freeze!' ? seconds ? seconds
File:Slimed.png Slimed ? Slowly losing life
File:Spored.png Spored ? ? Smokin Hot! ? seconds ? seconds
Steamy.png Steamy ? +10% damage taken Smokin hot! ? seconds ? seconds
Furious.png Furious ? ? Losing life.
Explode upon death
File:Dawn.png Dawn ? ? Golden energy
File:For Glory.png For Glory ? +15% damage
No life regen
bleed = true
+15% Damage
No life Regen
For Honor.png For Honor ? Defense is halved
+15% damage
+15% Damage
Defense Halved
File:TrueDawn.png TrueDawn ? ? Star energy
File:Wing Clip.png Wing Clip ? wingTimeMax=45
Flight time drastically reduced.
Frostbite.png Frostbite ? ? The cold bites back!
Lovestruck.png Lovestruck ? Unknown, can't be applied to bosses. None ? seconds ? seconds
File:Steamified.png Steamified ? +15% damage taken Steamin hot! ? seconds ? seconds
File:Orbital.png Orbital ? +10% damage taken Into orbit! ? seconds ? seconds
File:Spooked.png Spooked ? ? Many spoops! ? seconds ? seconds
File:Mysticality.png Mysticality ? Mysticality=2 You can't drink Potentia Potions for a while
File:Unstable Mysticality.png Unstable Mysticality ? Mysticality=2
+10% more overflow
You can't drink Potentia Potions for a while, but Overflow is increased by 10%
File:Volatile Mysticality.png Volatile Mysticality ? Mysticality=2
+20% mystic overflow
You can't drink Potentia Potions for a while.
+20% Overflow