Enigma Mod Wiki


Albus Dust.png Albus Dust Ancient Shard.png Ancient Shard Aquos Dust.png Aquos Dust
Arcane Shard.png Arcane Shard Aura Dust.png Aura Dust Bottled Gel.png Bottled Gel
Core of Dawn.png Core of Dawn Core of Dusk.png Core of Dusk Crystilla.png Crystilla
Elder Pearl.png Elder Pearl Frost Shard.png Frost Shard Magma Shard.png Magma Shard
Magma Snapper.png Magma Snapper Obsidium Bar.png Obsidium Bar Bottled Pink Gel.png Pink Bottled Gel
Regis Dust.png Regis Dust Rubrum Dust.png Rubrum Dust Verdi Dust.png Verdi Dust


Bysmal Bar.png Bysmal Bar Etherial Essence.png Etherial Essence Galactic Fragment.png Galactic Fragment
Gear.png Gear Magmatic Crystal.png Magmatic Crystal Null Emblem.png Null Emblem
Null Shard.png Null Shard Nova Fragment.png Nova Fragment Royal Ice.png Royal Ice
Shadowflame (item).png Shadowflame (item) Soul of Fraught.png Soul of Fraught Soul of Haught.png Soul of Haught
Soul of Sought.png Soul of Sought Soul of Thought.png Soul of Thought Soul of Wrought.png Soul of Wrought
Steam Bar.png Steam Bar
Consumables: Burst Potion.png Potions ( Jump Boost Potion.png Buff Potions ) • Obshardian.png Thrown Weapons • Brass Arrow.png Ammunition • Null Shard.png Materials ( Ancient Shard.png Drops) • Obsidium Ore.png Ores and Obsidium Bar.png Bars ) • Chilled Mesh.png Other