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Type NPC
AI Type Passive
Damage 50
Max Life 250
Defense 15
KB Resist 50%
This is a Town NPC. A House may be required in order for it to appear.

The Conductor is an NPC vendor that will spawn once the following conditions have been met:

When threatened by enemies, he will defend himself with an Enginator.

Items sold[]


Item Cost Availability
Gear.png Gear 10 Silver Coin Always available.
Miniature Train Whistle.png Miniature Train Whistle 50 Gold Coin Always available.
Mechanical Eye.png Mechanical Eye 5 Gold Coin Always available.
Mechanical Worm.png Mechanical Worm 5 Gold Coin Always available.
Mechanical Skull.png Mechanical Skull 5 Gold Coin Always available.
Steam-O-Vision.png Steam-O-Vision 6 Gold Coin Always available.
Steam Crown.png Steam Crown 6 Gold Coin Always available.
Suspicious Train Whistle.png Suspicious Train Whistle 6 Gold Coin Always available.


The Conductor can have the following names:

  • "Lord Charles III"
  • "Sir Christopher"
  • "Earl Crane"
  • "Lord Crimblesworth"
  • "Baron Chester von Kingsly"
  • "Laugic"


  • "Spiffing!"
  • "Cheerio, young chap."
  • "Trains are all the rage in Vetruvia these days."
  • "A train ride a day keeps the Steam Train away!"
  • "All aboard!"
  • "I wonder what happened to all of the Moldyrians. You wouldn't happen to have seen one recently, would you?"
  • "'What is the meaning of life?' I, for one, think the answer probably involves lots of steam."
  • "Hm? How did I get these items that call giant mechanical abominations at a whim? Through the power of Steam, of course!"
  • "Would you like to talk about Trains?"

When Steampunker is present:

  • "Oh, of course. My wares are much more valueable than that [Name of Steampunker]'s."
  • "I bet [Name of Steampunker] hasn't even built a living machine yet."
  • "A jetpack? Please. Tell [Name of Steampunker] those went out of style a few centuries ago. Jetboots are the best transportation that modern technology can get you! Besides trains, of course."

When Conductor's name is "Laugic":

  • "Heyo [Name of Player]. How're you enjoying Enigma so far? I mean uh- ahem... Trains?

When the player has increased Mystic Damage:

  • "Oh, you aren't one of those 'Mystics' are you? The Moldyrians have such an ancient way of thinking. Steam power is where it's at!"


  • The Conductor can sometimes be named "Laugic", which is the author of Enigma Mod.


  • 0.11.5: Added much more to the Conductor's inventory and dialogue (including some lore stuff). Resprited the Conductor.
  • 0.11.2: The Conductor's cogs no longer drop when they hit the ground.
  • ???: Introduced.

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