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Enigma currently adds X new arrow types, X new bullet types, and 7 new snowball types




Pre-Hardmode Snowballs[]

Iceball.png Iceball Crimchunk.png Crimchunk Ebonchunk.png Ebonchunk Sootball.png Sootball

Hardmode Snowballs[]

Pearlfrost Ball.png Pearlfrost Ball Yellow Iceball.png Yellow Iceball Frostball.png Frostball

Consumables: Burst Potion.png Potions ( Jump Boost Potion.png Buff Potions ) • Obshardian.png Thrown Weapons • Brass Arrow.png Ammunition • Null Shard.png Materials ( Ancient Shard.png Drops) • Obsidium Ore.png Ores and Obsidium Bar.png Bars ) • Chilled Mesh.png Other
Weapons (List):

Aurora.png Melee weapons • Steamstring.png Ranged weapons • Sandstorm in a Book.png Magic weapons  • Shroolipad.png Summon weapons • Daggoritus.png Thrown weapons • Gladius of The Great Moldyrian.png Mystic weapons